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Salvage, Used Building Materials

Architectural Salvage

Molding, Trim & Millwork (Used)

Used and reusable molding, trim and millwork

Salvaged Cupboards, Cabinets & Counters

Used and reusable Cupboards, Cabinets and Counters

Reusable Paneling

Reusable Paneling

Reusable Stairs, Railings & Banisters

Reusable Stairs, Railings & Banisters

Reclaimed Flooring

Reusable Flooring

Recovered Corbels & Gables

Salvaged Corbels & Gables

Used Grates & Registers

Reuseable Grates and Registers

Salvaged Cast Iron Radiators

Salvaged Cast Iron Radiators

Reclaimed Stained Glass

Reusable Stained Glass

Reusable Windows & Window Frames

Used and reusable windows and window frames

Reusable Doors (Internal)

Used and reusable Interior Doors

Reusable Doors (External)

Used and reusable Exterior Doors

Reusable Doors (Screen)

Used and reusable Screen Doors

Reusable Door Hardware & Locks

Used and reusable door hardware and locks

Reclaimed Siding

Reusable Siding

Used Chimney Pots & Roof Vents

Reusable Chimney Pots & Roof Vents

Used Trusses & Roof Systems

Trusses & Roof Systems

Secondhand Shakes & Shingles

Reusable Shakes & Shingles

Recovered Decking

Reusable Decking Materials

Reclaimed Fencing & Gates

Reusable Fencing and Gates

Secondhand Columns & Posts

Reusable Columns & Posts

Salvaged Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron

Reusable Weathervanes


Used Cupola


Reusable Fireplace and Stoves

Fireplace and Stoves

Reclaimed Mantels


Architectural Salvage Materials

Other Architectural Salvage Materials

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