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Salvage, Used Building Materials

Used/Reusable Lumber & Wood

Linear Construction Grade Lumber

Linear Construction Grade Lumber shall consist reusable linear lumber, such as 2'x4' or 2'x6', pieces may be painted but must be free of rot & termite damage.

Used/Reusable Barn Board

Used/Reusable Barn Board shall consist of used, weathered barn boards.

Remanufactured/Renovated Woods

Recycled seasoned old growth lumber, beams, timbers, and antique flooring reclaimed from the dismantling of historical structures in which it has been warehoused.

Used Plywood

Used Plywood shall consist of various sizes of used or off-cuts of new plywood, the pieces may be painted.

Used/Reusable Pressboard

Used/Reusable Pressboard shall consist of various sizes of reusable chipboard, pressboard, MDF profiles.

Used/Reusable RailRoad Ties

Used/Reusable RailRoad Ties shall consist of used RailRoad Ties.

Used/Reusable Telephone Poles

Used/Reusable Telephone Poles shall consist of used Telephone poles in various lengths.

Other Used/Reusable Wood

Other Used/Reusable Wood shall include any other used/reusable wood not included in the listed grades.

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